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How Do I Stop My Pug Puppy
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How Do I Stop My Pug Puppy from Chewing
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Puppies for sale in Massachusetts MA

Pug puppies love to chew - on anything. Chewing can cost you thousands of dollars in damaged furniture and household goods. Follow a few simple tips to keep your pug puppy's teeth free from your valuables.

Pug puppies are so lovable. People are always entertained when pug puppies chew on a sock as if it were a snake in the brush. They wag their tail at it, pounce, and then chew it until it lies in tatters on the floor. Your pug puppy suddenly becomes much less lovable when it is your Italian leather couch he is munching on. A lot of unplanned expense incurred by pet owners comes as a result of chewing. Pug puppies chew the most when you either aren't home or simply aren't looking.

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The first step to curbing the chewing habit is to puppy proof your home. Keep your pug confined to areas of the house where you have no valuables. Don't leave your pug puppy alone even when you are in the house. When your puppy is in the room with you, use a baby gate to prevent him from wandering into other rooms without you.

Use a curio cabinet for collectibles and other trinkets. Coffee tables can be used to store things in higher places where a pug puppy can't reach or knock them over. If your puppy gets a hold of marbles, coins, or small kid's toys, he could choke while chewing on them, so be sure these small things are picked up and kept out of puppy's reach at all times.

Puppies chew when they are excited. It is a way of releasing pent up energy. They don't know that they have done anything wrong unless you tell them so. If puppy does chew on stuff in the house, don't spank him. He may be responding to your behavior. Leaving and entering the house showing a lot of emotion (waving wildly at puppy) will get puppy hyped up. Not knowing what to do with this heightened emotional level, they will begin chewing on anything within their reach.

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Give your pug puppy a chew toy. When pugs must chew, they will chew on something that is meant to be used for chewing. Nylafloss is a piece of nylon rope that helps to clean a puppy's teeth while they are releasing their emotional energy.

Another way to help your pug puppy stay calm is to also stay calm. Resist the urge to broadcast to your puppy that you are leaving for work or when you come in from being out, forget all of the fanfare and be as quiet as possible.

Pug puppies are excitable creatures. This excitement can cause them to chew everything in sight. To avoid destruction and mayhem, stay calm around your pug puppy and remember; this too shall pass. With a bit of consistency and forethought, training your pug puppy to only chew on his/her chew toys will pay off.

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