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Puppies for sale in Massachusetts MA

It would be great if pugs came to us knowing all there was to know. Unfortunately one of the things they don't already know is where to go to the bathroom. This article details how new pug owners can housetrain their puppy.

Pugs are creatures of habit. Giving them a routine makes them comfortable. It also makes housetraining easier to learn when things are done in the same way and at the same time everyday.

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Pugs need to go to the bathroom more often when they are young. They still need time to grow into their bodies. So, how do you know how often to take your pug puppy to the potty? Simply, take your puppy's age in months and add one. This equals the number of hours that your puppy can hold it before needing to visit the "little pug's room".

You should set feeding times when you can be home to take your pug puppy to the bathroom. The hardest part will be to maintain the same schedule as during the week on the weekends too. You may be tempted to sleep in, but for the sake of your pug puppy and the various corners of your home, keep to the status quo.

Offer your pug puppy praise and discipline when he/she deserves it. When it is time to go outside, lead your puppy to the area that you have designated as his bathroom. Be patient while he does his business. Think up a one word command to use each time he goes to the bathroom. After he is done doing his business, praise him for doing so well.

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Do this as many times a day as you need to in order for your pug puppy to remember the spot. This includes using the same route to reach the back yard every time. Keeping everything the same will help speed up the process of potty breaking and make it easier for your pug puppy to learn. Be patient with your puppy as he learns this all new routine.

Your Pug puppy will make mistakes. If he is nervous or afraid, this can lead to his using the bathroom inside the house where he is not supposed to go. Yelling at puppy will only make the situation worse. Rubbing his/her nose in his mess, besides being gross, is no way to discipline your puppy.

Wait until your pug puppy is somewhere else in the room and then clean up his mistake. Continue with your housetraining routine exactly as before. Cleaning up all of the mess keeps your new pug puppy from coming back to that spot later. He is little, but he will learn.

Watch for tell-tale signs that puppy is ready to go to the bathroom. He may whine, scratch at the floor or the door, or wiggle. Many times pug puppies will do a series of small circles right before it is time to go. Don't trust your pug to make it outside by itself. If he/she starts to go in the house, scoot them outside quickly to the bathroom area so they can finish.

House training or potty training your pug can be trying at times and patience is a virtue in this case. As you continue with the routine, your hard work will pay off with a well trained pug puppy.

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