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When you have pets that live both indoors and outdoors, you always run the risk of having fleas. Fleas not only attack your pug puppy, but also the other people living in your house. Here are a few ways to rid your pug puppy and yourself of this miniscule menace.

Fleas are a fact of life for most animals, especially those in southern or warmer climates. Your puppy may get them simply by going outdoors. Fleas are small, so they can jump from your puppy to another surface like your couch and then on to you.

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Fleas bite really hard. For most puppies, the flea bites are irritating and will cause itching and scratching. For some puppies, the bites cause flea bite dermatitis. This skin condition is very miserable for your puppy. The condition caused by flea bites results in a severe allergic reaction that can lead to anemia (low iron levels) and even a tapeworm infestation.

Once fleas have infested your puppy, they can be almost impossible to get rid of. Some owners use flea baths, over-the-counter pesticides, and flea collars. These work for some of the time, but not all of the time. Also, over-the-counter remedies can be dangerous to your pug puppy and to your family.

Flea prevention products like growth regulators and pesticides attack both the flea eggs and the adult insect. Growth regulators will take a few weeks to work, but produce non-viable egg offspring from the adult fleas because killing the adult fleas doesn't guarantee that the flea eggs will die as well. This approach basically stops the breeding cycle of the fleas long enough to kill all of the adults.

If the infestation is more severe, a stronger treatment or medication may be needed. Before buying any remedy, consult with your veterinary care provider to find out the best course of treatment. The items that Veterinarians carry are much stronger and safer than treatments found in pet marts and department stores.

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Flea combs are also used as a good course of treatment. Combing your pug puppy's fur once or twice a week can help rid him/her of harmful, disease carrying fleas. Comb him/her when they come in from the outdoors and before they have a chance to jump on everything in the house.

Cleaning your pug puppy's normal hangouts on a regular basis will cut down on problems with flea infestations as well. This includes your puppy's bed, blanket, crate, and toys. Simply vacuuming the rugs, carpet and furniture can keep adult fleas away from pets and other people in the household.

If you decide to treat your home for fleas it is recommended to consult a professional. Using substances like borate powder can be dangerous to your family and pets. Inhaling the powder can make one very sick. Professional application is the only way to go.

Fleas are a nuisance. They can love your pug to an irritating distraction. Protect your puppy as best that you can through routine cleaning, combing and visits to your veterinarian.

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