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Puppies for sale in Massachusetts MA

What are you going to name your new pug puppy? Choosing a name for your new companion is a big decision. It will belong to your pug for the rest of his/her life.

As humans, we select names for our children based on our ancestry, heritage and meaning. You can use this same approach with your puppy, but it is not necessary. Your Pug Puppy doesn't care that "Lily" is a beautiful flower or that "Jack" has English origins. They just want to know what you want them to respond to when you call him or her.

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One rule of thumb for naming your pug puppies is to keep it simple. It may be cute and unusual to name a pug "Crouching Tiger", but it isn't practical. If names are too long, your pug puppy won't remember it and others might not either. One simple rule to make choosing a name for your pug puppy easier is to keep it to three or less syllables or ideally just one syllable.

Also, think about what your pug puppy's name may sound like to him or her. If it sounds like a command, they may take off running or jump at the mailman instead of sitting down. Puppy names that are similar to the commands you give can be confusing to your pup. If you use these commands: sit, run, stop, quiet, stay, heel, roll over, and fetch, don't use puppy names like Fletch, Kit, Sun, Bill, and Cole.

Pugs are not people but they do deserve just as much respect as any member of your family does. You are supposed to be welcoming them into your home and into your life. Names like Butthead, Loser, Dummy, and Nitwit are demeaning and will show your character as well. They encourage teasing from others who come in contact with your pug. Pugs do not like to be teased. They can respond by biting or pouncing on the unfortunate teaser. Not to mention, would you want someone calling you a demeaning name? Your pug won't like it either.

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Most dog experts recommend short names that end in vowel sounds like Hero or Jerry. Most commands don't end in vowel sounds, so your pug won't get confused when he/she is called. These names are short, easy to remember, and not disrespectful to your pug.

Below is a list of the more popular names for pugs. Choose a name from this list or come up with your own.

  • Max
  • Lady
  • Lucy
  • Princess
  • Rusty
  • Rocky
  • Buster
  • Shelby
  • Jake
  • Ginger
  • Sandy
  • Sophie
  • Sparky
  • Buddy
  • Missy
  • Pugsley

Take your time when naming your pug. Consider their behavior and personality, but above all, treat them with dignity and respect when it comes to naming them. They'll thank you for taking the time to consider a good name for many years to come.

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